Friday, July 31, 2009

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Dj Goldie BUSTED (CIRCA 80's)

I tripped out when I found this Dj goldie's
It's 1991 and a bona fide B-boy by the name of Goldie finds himself caught up in the heaving mass of London's Rage Club at Heaven on a Thursday night. DJ's Fabio and Grooverider take to the decks once again captivating the crowd with their frenzied assault on the senses. A relative newcomer to the scene, Goldie pesters the duo for names of tracks and becomes an immediate convert to the hardcore breakbeat aesthetic. That many an outsider is choosing to pronounce the hardcore scene dead seems slightly ironic - a breakbeat specialist of the highest order has only just been born.....


Dashiell A. Snow aka ‘Dash Snow’, born in New York on July 27, 1981 was pronounced dead on July 13 due to a supposed heroin overdose. The New York sub-culture figure, controversial artist and graffiti writer began his life on the streets at age 13, stealing a camera to photograph moments of drunken outings he would otherwise not remember when sober. At 15 he founded the graffiti crew IRAK, specialising in tagging and theft (to ‘rack’ is graffiti slang meaning to steal), daubing his tag “Sace”, over and over on the walls of New York.